For reflection and a written response

After reading this piece, consider the final question the author has posed to you: What does it mean to be White?   Your task is to write a 300 word, personal response to this, giving your personal perspective and experiences to this topic.

A few excerpts from the class:

‘What does it mean to be white? Well it should mean just the same as it does to be Black, Polynesian, Asian or any other race or skin tone but in actuality it doesn’t. It should mean that we are just another person but in reality we hold privileges to other races. Us whites hold privileges that other races may not have. For example if a Black and White both went to a job interview there is a higher chance of the white getting the job, even if the Black or other raced person had the same qualifications. Sometimes I don’t think people make these decisions consciously, I think they make a pre judged opinion on the coloured person due to stereotypes and past thing that have happened with that race.’

‘Being Jewish places me under a minority label, for hundreds of years the Jewish people have been consistently persecuted and reprimanded for being nothing but themselves. I think that identifying with a minority group changes my perspective on what it means to be underprivileged, and what it means to treat someone differently because of a label placed upon them at birth. And that is something we cannot change, who we are by blood is a part of our identity but it is up to us how we react to the labels of a white lead world. The colour of my skin still dominates the way I experience the world, white is respected and accepted although the world is a vastly changing place where acceptance of other ethnicities is vast approaching in the mainstream world, it is still a place of white leading. Until the fact that white European colonisation of the mainstream world is realised for all that it was and still is as native people of the lands that we see as developed are suppressed and disrespected in a major racist way we cannot move forward as a society.’

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